Our cam resling service will bring new life back to your cams and Tricams.

Slings just like ropes need to be replaced often as the synthetic fibers degrade even when stored properly. We recommend replacing your slings with fresh webbing every 5-6 years or more with heavy use, damage, or a major fall.

​This it the reason to resling that old gear!
These slings were slightly fuzzy and faded

but in much better shape than i've seen on

a lot of climbers racks out there. We pulled

these 3 to failure and was surprised to see

that they were breaking at around 50% of

the rated strengths even though they looked to be in much better shape than they actually were. Why risk trusting that old worn nylon when for just a few bucks you can know your safe and your gear will do its job.

Keep track of your gear with multi colored bartacks! Wont wear off or leave sticky residue like paint and tape. We can even do custom runners and daisys with that also.

We will put 11/16" nylon or 1/2" Dyneema/nylon webbing on your cams.

Tricams will get 1/2" Dyneema for sizes 0.5-2 and nylon flat webbing for 2.5-7.

Colors we stock:

11/16" nylon-black, grey, brown, yellow, orange, red, green, teal, blue, purple, pink.

1/2" Dyneema-black, grey, brown, yellow, orange, red, green, teal, blue, purple, pink.

We are able to resling Dragons, Demons, and Tourqe nuts with the 1/2" Dyneema. It is different than the factory webbing but still fits and extends nicely one handed.


Open loop nylon $5.00

Reinforced loop nylon $ 5.50

Extendable loop nylon $6.00

Open loop Dyneema $6.00

Reinforced loop Dyneema $6.50

Extendable loop Dyneema $7.00

Tricams 0.5-2.0 Dyneema $7.00

Tricams 2.5-4 flat nylon $7.00

Tricams 5-7 flat nylon $7.50

Hexes Dyneema $7.00 (that originally had factory 1/2" Dyneema)

Torque nuts Extendable $8.00 (will get 1/2" Dyneema)

​Aid gear, hooks, camhooks, pitons (aid only) 3" 3 tacks nylon $3.00 Dyneema $4.00

Fifi hooks with 1/2" tubular nylon (body weight only) $3.00  1/2" dyneema $4.00

6 Bartacks on webbing you supply $3.00

2 bartacks on your webbing for water bottles, cameras, etc. $1.50 if we supply webbing it is $3.00

Multiple color bartacks +.50 per color per sling

We will not resling bare wire cams! You are responsible for ensuring your cams are in safe working condition!

For rush orders please contact us before you order so we can make sure we can get it back to you in the time frame needed.

Turnaround time is typically 1-3 business days although its not guaranteed.

Return shipping will be our cost. No extra hidden fees.

Shipping will be USPS Priority mail. Insurance and signature confirmation can be added. We are not responsible for any items lost or damaged in shipping.

Labeling each piece of gear with the color, material, and type of sling you want on it helps to ensure each one gets done the way you want it.

Print and legibly fill out the order form below and include with you gear and ship to:

Caccia Equipment 2062. s. Puma cir. Cottonwood, AZ 86326

For rush orders please contact us first to schedule it so we can make sure it will get back to you in time for trips.

Due to medical issues and while we are working on building our new shop we will temporarily not be taking anymore orders at this time. we are sorry for any inconvenience.

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